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TEDxAsburyPark seeks Readings, Talks, and Performances of 1 minute or less on the topic of “Treat Others as You Wish to be Treated”, aka “The Golden Rule”, which is a cornerstone of most world cultures, religions and creeds. 

Your performance/reading can be drawn from quotes, literature, original writings, religious texts, or songs and poems. 

TEDxAsburyPark will select, record and showcase a community production of the best 30 recorded performances for a live, virtual audience on April 1, 2021 at 7pm ET. This special mosaic community event will be shared as a testament to the human potential, expressed in the universal truth of the Golden Rule.  

The event will be shared on TEDxAsburyPark’s website, as well as social media accounts (YouTube, Facebook, etc.). The event may be also shared on other websites as well (per TED.com guidelines).

Some tips for filling out this form:

1 - Please ensure that your proposed reading or performance clearly relates to the Golden Rule, or  "Treat Others as You Wish to be Treated".

2 - Review the form to see what information the submission process requires, and prepare everything, such as your bio, headshot, text of your performance, and links to your pitch video and social media. This will help you to have all of the needed contents before you fill out the form. (Your application can be saved so you can complete it later.)

3 - All submissions will be confidential. Whether you are accepted or not, you will be invited to attend the live reading and to view and share the YouTube Video.

4 - We suggest you read the TEDx Speaker Guide.

5 - Deadline for Submissions: January 31, 2021.

TEDxAsburyPark speakers do not receive any monetary compensation, or airfare/transportation costs that a speaker may incur.

If you are accepted, we will ask you to sign the TED.com open-commons release form and we may arrange to re-record your performance/reading to generate the best final production video making it available to you, and also under a creative commons license on the web on our website, on YouTube and other video sites, and possibly on TED.com. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.